That’s some fit! hehe

Posted by | | October 3, 2006 on 9:09 pm | In News | 1 Comment

So, how many of you think this guy has lived this down yet? LMAO That is one tight fitting bowling ball hehe

If you come across some funny bowling video or pictures send it over to us!

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September’s $50 Winner!

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This month’s $50 gift certificate for the Pro Shop goes to Richard Nelson! Congratulations Richard!!

Go sign up for October’s gift certificate giveaway!


This week’s winner!

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This week’s 3 free game winner is Cesare Rivera. Congradulations!


Another 3 Game Winner!

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Robert Krek’s name was just pulled making him this week’s winner of 3 free games! You can enter the contest too either by signing up at the front desk or by going here!

Congrats Robert!


New Company Leagues!

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Here at Parkway, we’ve just started 4 new company leagues — Company of Heroes, Three’s Company , The Electric Company and In Good Company. Company leagues are when your company gets a team together to bowl against other companies from around the area. It’s great for employee morale as well as advertising. See our article on the benefits of company leagues and get both you and your company involved!

Additionally, you can find more information on all the leagues we have available over in the leagues section and check back often as we’re in the process of planning a new NFL Football League! :)


Games for Grades

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If you’re a student, get good grades and like to bowl, you’re in for a sweet surprise! ‘Games for Grades’ is a program created by Parkway Lanes that allows you, the hard working student, to win free games at our bowling alley for getting good grades in school!

The way ‘Games for Grades’ works is simple. Just bring in your report card and we’ll give you free games for ‘A’s, ‘B’s and ‘C’s! The higher your grades, the more free games you get. For instance, an ‘A’ would be equal to 3 free games, while a ‘B’ would be worth 2 and a ‘C’ would then equal 1 free game.

See Games for Grades for full details!


Bowling Backwards?

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You have to check this out. It’s pretty amazing. This bowler has a 180 average with a high game of 279… bowling backwards?

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Congrats Justin Sullivan!

Posted by | | September 16, 2006 on 3:46 am | In Contests, News | Comments Off

Justin is the first winner of our new promotion here at Parkway Lanes where we give away 3 free games per week to one lucky person!

Anyone can enter the contest. Toss your contact info into the box at the front desk or you can fill out the form here on our website! It’s that easy! :)


Free Game on Tuesdays!

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Print out the coupon and bring it with you on any Tuesday for a free third game!

Parkway Lanes Coupon


Colored Pin Bowling!

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On August 12th we’ve started a new thing here at Parkway on Saturdays from 9pm to midnight. If you get a colored pin in the head pin spot, grab someone on the Parkway staff, get a strike and you get a free game! It’s as simple as that! We’ve already given away a ton of free games! Stop down to join the many people who have already won!

Check out the full details on Colored Pin Bowling!

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