That’s some fit! hehe

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So, how many of you think this guy has lived this down yet? LMAO That is one tight fitting bowling ball hehe

If you come across some funny bowling video or pictures send it over to us!

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  1. Someone dug up these words in regards to this video so I thought I’d share them…

    After Machuga clinched the title match with two strikes in the 10th frame, he surprised everyone by doing his famous “Machuga Flop”, hanging onto the ball and flinging himself down the lane. Since he never let go of the ball, there was no official rules violation, so Machuga followed that by striking on his final shot.

    “Before I came on Tour I knew for my first title I was going to go down the lane.that was going to be my celebration,” Machuga said of his flop.

    Fans who missed Machuga’s flop can catch it when ESPN2 replays the finals of the 2005 Greater Omaha Classic Monday, Nov. 14 at 4 p.m. ET.

    Comment by Paul Ille — October 3, 2006 #

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